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[ Часть 1. Глава 30. ]

“I love that rocking chair, ” the young man said to me. “How old is that thing? It looks like an antique. ”

“I got it one year before the Religion War, ” I said.

“I’m glad that war ended before I was born, ” the young man sighed. “I can’t imagine what it was like to be alive then. ”

“You are lucky to have missed it. ”

“Were you in that war? ”

“Everyone was in that war. ”

“Let me ask you something, ” he said. “Why do you think the war ended? We learned in school that everyone just stopped fighting. No one knows why. Although there are all kinds of theories about secret pacts among world leaders, no one really knows. You were there. Why do you think everyone suddenly stopped fighting? ”

“Put another log on the fire and I’ll tell you. ”

The young man looked at his watch and hesitated. He had many more stops before lunch. Then he turned toward the fireplace and chose a sturdy log.

“If you flip a coin, ” I said, “how often does it come up heads? ”

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